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Cornell University

Parking for Students


  • 2022 Parking Changes

    Transportation Services Announces Changes Beginning in July

    Transportation Services is revising its parking and commuting offerings to realign parking demand, introduce new technology, and provide equitable, easy-to-use, self-service solutions designed to meet the needs of all community members. Most annual permit holders will experience no change in their parking privileges or parking locations, and there are no permit rate increases during this renewal cycle.

  • Daily Decision Parking

    Low-cost Parking Options Using ParkMobile

    The Daily Decision program gives commuters access to low-cost, short-term options to meet their occasional parking needs. Using the ParkMobile app, this program provides community members greater flexibility than a traditional annual or semester permit, coupled with the convenience of contactless self-service.

    Visit the  Daily Decision page to learn more about parking options, prices, and locations, and visit to download the app, create an account, and park.

  • Parking Compliance

    Permit and Payment Requirements Enforced

    Students, faculty, and staff returning to campus should visit to check their permit and vehicle information before parking, as restrictions and Night/Weekend Parking Rules are enforced throughout campus. Community members should also be prepared for upcoming event impacts on traffic and parking. Fine-due citations are issued in response to permit and payment requirement violations.

Student Parking Options

Parking on campus is restricted to permit or payment at all times unless posted otherwise. Parking requirements and times of enforcement are posted at the entrance of each lot; please read all signs carefully before parking.

Because campus parking is limited and can be expensive, most students walk, bike, or ride the TCAT bus. New-to-Cornell students automatically receive free unlimited TCAT bus privileges in their first year, and find having a car on campus is more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Read details about bus transportation, bicycling, and other options:

Getting Started

Vehicle Registration

Students who bring personal cars, motorcycles, or motorscooters to the campus must register their license plate with Transportation Services, whether or not they buy a parking permit or use short-term options. Vehicle information must be kept current. Register a license plate and update vehicle information.

Daily Decision Parking Options

Many community members who have only occasional parking needs or who are located on the periphery of the campus choose Daily Decision parking using ParkMobile. These deeply discounted mobile payment lots are convenient to TCAT transit routes and, in some zones, can be paid for multiple days.

Permit Sales and Delivery

  • Student permits are available for sale beginning in August of each year at; permits are valid until August 31 of the following academic year.
  • All student permits are sold online and mailed by our vendor to the address designated during the checkout process.
  • Commuting students must review and update their Student Local mailing address, and have their name clearly labeled on or inside their apartment mailbox to ensure timely delivery.
  • Please carefully review address information for accuracy to ensure timely delivery.

Student Permit Options and Eligibility Guidelines

On-Campus Resident Permits

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – must meet resident eligibility requirements or the permit will be recalled.

Students living in university housing can purchase a parking permit for their residence area. Resident permits are valid only in their signed parking area and the North Campus A lot after 2:30 pm. 

  • Resident Permits – 2022 Annual Rate: $752.86
    • FH – Hasbrouck Apartments
      Parking locations: Hasbrouck Apt. Receive OmniRide privileges.
    • ND – North Campus Residence Halls, Program Houses, and Cooperative Housing; 411 & 508 Thurston Ave.**
      Parking locations: Outer Circle of Hasbrouck Apartments; Program House Drive; Anna Comstock; Hurlburt House; A Lot.
    • SW* – South Campus Cascadilla Hall; Sheldon Court; Eddygate;109 Sage Place; Schuyler House.
      Parking locations: Stewart & Williams St; Schuyler House.
    • WD – West Campus House System, Program Houses, and Cooperative Housing; 112 Edgemoor Lane; 109, 118, 122 McGraw Place.
      Parking locations: Edgemoor Lane; University Ave Lot; McGraw Place.
  • Permit prices prorate on a daily basis beginning September 1. The current price will display at the time of purchase.

Student Commuter Permit

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – must meet commuter eligibility requirements or the permit will be recalled.

  • B Commuter Permit – 2022 Annual Rate: $359.85
    The B permit is valid at all times in the B Lot near the Vet College, TRB Lot, BTI Lot, and the North and South Morrison Lots on Judd Falls Rd; valid in the north campus A Lot after 2:30 pm.

  • Permit prices prorate on a daily basis beginning September 1. The current price will display at the time of purchase.


Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds parked in designated M permit spaces must have an annual Cornell University M permit sticker. Motorcyclists who have a parking permit for their car can display their annual permit on a motorcycle and park in spaces covered by that permit.

  • M Permit Sticker – 2022 Annual Rate $119.94; valid in spaces signed for motorcycle (M Permit) parking.
  • Can display student permit and park in vehicle spaces.
  • The permit price prorates on a monthly basis. The current price will display at the time of purchase. There are no refunds or exchanges for returned M permits.

Sharing Commuter Permits

Commuters can carpool and share the cost of a parking permit. One person purchases and is responsible for the permit, which can then be switched among vehicles registered with Transportation Services.

Please note that while commuting students can share the permit with their peers, permit ownership is not transferable.

Permit Refund Policy

  • A pre-paid, annual permit is eligible for a refund if it is returned by March 31.
  • There are no refunds on M permits.
  • There are no refunds on annual permits after March 31.
  • There are no refunds on temporary permits.
  • There are no cash refunds.
  • Refunds are based on a prorated schedule. Refund amounts are determined on the day the permit is returned.
  • If a permit was charged, the account charged will be credited for any refund due.
  • Refunds on permits that were paid for by check or cash will be processed through Cornell University Accounting, and a check will be mailed. This process takes approximately two weeks.


  • Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served, and space-available basis.
  • The rate is set as of July 1; permits prorate beginning September 1.
  • Annual permits are valid through August 31.
  • Permit ownership is not transferrable.
  • The vehicle on which the permit is displayed must be registered with the university.
  • No refunds on permits after March 31.

*SW permits may be made available to commuting students for a limited time at the beginning of each semester. Once the sales cap is reached, permit sales are restricted to residents only.

**Extremely limited. Permit sales are capped and are limited to North Campus residents of university-owned housing.