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Cornell University

Office of the University Architect

Aerial view of Cornell Campus

The Office of the University Architect is comprised of four integrated planning and design disciplines with responsibility for the oversight and management of the long range physical planning and design of Cornell’s buildings and landscape:

  • Architecture
  • Campus Planning
  • Landscape Architecture 
  • Facilities Information and Data Management (FIG)

The Office of the University Architect works closely with all other units within FCS in its stewardship of the university’s campuses, ensuring the effective use of University resources in the maintenance, preservation and creation of the physical environment. This office works closely with University leadership and academic units to assess and inform the planning and design of existing and new facilities to ensure their relevance, efficiency and effectiveness in support of the University’s academic and research mission. The Office of the University Architect is responsible for advocacy, maintenance, and development of the University’s Campus Master Plan, and engages broadly with university constituents, community partners and municipal agencies to ensure the University’s long term vision guides all changes made to the physical environment of the campus.

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