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Schedule a Utility / Building System Shutdown

A Utility / Building System Shutdown Request must be submitted when interruption of electrical, potable water, chilled water, steam, other utility service, or a building system is needed

Once you have placed a building system shutdown request, FCS and unit facilities staff must perform these tasks before the shutdown can take place:

  • Notification of the Building Coordinator(s) whose approval is required for the shutdown to take place.
  • Building Coordinators will notify and receive feedback from building users and who will be affected by the shutdown.
  • Building users will make necessary adjustments to classroom, lab, and other facility usage schedules.
  • Building Coordinators will confirm their approval or denial of the shut down request with FCS Customer Service.  If a shutdown’s impact on teaching, research, or other critical activities at the requested time is deemed too severe, a Building Coordinator may deny a shutdown request and ask that it be scheduled for a less disruptive time.
  • When requested Maintenance Zones will schedule needed support staff and equipment.
  • Support staff and other FCS and unit personnel will vet the shutdown request for possible downstream building system and facility impacts.

Due to their potential impacts on teaching, research, and student residential life, Building System Interruptions and Utility Shutdowns require thorough planning, scheduling, and coordination. Make sure to include what is being shutdown and what it will affect on your request.

Utility and Building System shutdowns must be scheduled 5 working days in advance. If you need FCS trade support, please make sure you have a valid Maximo service request or work order number prior to scheduling your shutdown, this information will be required to complete the online form

Place a Utility / Equipment shutdown

Customer Service schedules Fire Protection Shutdowns with Environmental Health and Safety

  • EHS shutdowns must be scheduled at least 2 working days in advance.
  • EHS shutdowns cannot be scheduled through a Utility Shutdown.
  • EHS shutdowns cannot be entered online, they must be called into Customer Service. 607-255-5322
  • CS can only schedule EHS shutdowns as far ahead as 2 weeks in advance. To schedule the times you need for long projects contact CS frequently to keep adding dates 2 weeks in advance.

If you have any questions contact CS, EHS, or your Cornell Project Manager.

Customer Service is Available:

Monday- Friday (Except on staff holidays)

6:30 am-3:30 pm

Phone: 607-255-5322