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Cornell University

Snow Removal

Contact Customer Service/EMCS, 607-255-5322, to report unsafe or slippery conditions anywhere on campus.

When requesting snow removal please be aware that response times vary depending on rate of snowfall and the status of priority roads and walkways.

We appreciate your patience. Please travel carefully.

Grounds Routine Services Include: The clearing of roads, parking lots, steps, and sidewalks.

For buildings cleaned by Building Care staff, they clear snow and apply salt and grit at building specific entrances, steps and handicapped ramps, out to a point accessible by Grounds staff using mechanized equipment. Grounds staff are responsible for snow removal and application of salt and grit on other campus sidewalks and stairs except those posted as not receiving winter maintenance. 

*We recognize the above guidelines do not provide clarity to all parts of campus and ask that you work with your facilities Custodial Manager in the event a sidewalk or stair adjacent to your building is not being covered by Building Care or Grounds staff.

Grounds services 15 Miles of Roads, 61 Miles of Walkways, 114 Acres of Parking Lots

  • Roads, Lots, Steps and Sidewalks are kept clear of snow. 
  • Salt and grit is applied to control ice. 
  • Periodic sweeping of Roads, Lots, Steps, Sidewalks and Patios of organic and inorganic debris. 
Stop winter falls, walk like a penguin
Grounds clearing snow

For tips on winter safety go to: Cornell EHS Winter Safety