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Cornell University

Building System Interruptions (Utility Shutdowns)

When interruption of a utility or building system: electrical, potable water, chilled water, steam, air handler units, elevators, and other systems, is required in a facility, a utility/ building system  shutdown request must be submitted.  Learn more or request a shutdown.

All building system interruptions are subject to Building Coordinator approval.

Trades support from zone staff is subject to staff availability and Zone Facilities Director or Zone Facilities Manager approval and will need a service request or work order number.


Sprinkler, fire/smoke alarm shutdowns are done by Environmental Health and Safety. Call FCS customer service, 607-255-5322, to schedule. EHS shutdowns are done separately and cannot be requested online or by service request. 

Due to their potential impacts on teaching, research, and student residential life, Utility shutdowns and Building System Interruptions require thorough planning, scheduling, and coordination. Make sure to include what is being shutdown and what it will affect in your request.

Utility and Building System shutdowns must be scheduled 5 working days in advance. If you need FCS trade person support, please make sure you have a valid Maximo service request or work order number prior to scheduling your shutdown, this information will be required to complete the online form.

Schedule a Utility Shutdown/Building System Interruption