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Cornell University

Bidding Process

There are multiple options for procurement of construction services.  Project Managers are encouraged to consult and partner with the Facilities Contracts office to determine the most applicable option.


Competitive Bidding

Competitive bidding is a method of procurement by which two or more contractors are given the opportunity to bids at the request of Cornell.  Bids are typically sealed and selection occurs through either an open bidding process, in which they are revealed in view of the bidders, or a closed bidding process, in which they are opened in a closed session. The process is designed to increase the competitiveness of pricing and minimize the preferential treatment.

Current Construction Bid Opportunities

Self Pricing

Self Pricing is a process for Unit Facilities personnel who are interested in obtaining their own prices in lieu of a formal bidding process through the Facilities Contracts Office.  The total estimated project cost MUST be less than $100,000.

Documents for Self Pricing can be found in the e-Builder Resources Project under Documents \ Master Contractual Documents \ Self-Pricing.

Single Sourcing

A single source procurement is a method where, although two or more vendors can supply the required service, the Unit selects one vendor over another based on a written justification if the cost exceeds $25,000.  Use of this option requires written justification which must include the material and substantial reasons why a single source is appropriate including the circumstances leading to the selection, the alternatives considered, the rationale for the selection and the rationale for determination of appropriateness of cost.  Units seeking to single source procurement's are presumed to be exercising appropriate due diligence and adhering to University policies including Policy 4.2, Transaction Authority and Payment Approval.

Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

IDIQ is a form of contract that is based on an indefinite delivery (schedule), and an indefinite quantity (scope) of services to be provided during a fixed period of time.  Award is for base year with options to extend up to four additional years. Annual renewal of these agreements is contingent upon satisfactory contractor performance and the University‚Äôs desire to continue the program. 

  • Unit Price based procurement
  • Utilizes Task Authorizations against a base contract with project specific requirements
  • Allows flexibility in specifying quantities required (scope), scheduling, and procurement as a need arises