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Cornell University

Campus-to-Campus Bus Service

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C2C Announcements

  • Summer Schedule

    The Campus-to-Campus Bus Service will shutdown from July 1st-6th 2024.

    • Service will continue on July 7th 2024 with a reduced schedule through August 10th 2024
    • We are pleased to announce that starting August 11th 2024 we will be adding more routes for your convenience
      • 6:30am bus leaving NYC on Tuesday and Friday mornings
      • 6:00pm bus leaving Ithaca on Sundays and Wednesday Evenings
  • $10 Cancelation Fee

    Terms and conditions.

  • C2C Health & Safety

    Mask Policy 

    It is well-established that wearing a mask indoors reduces the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Individuals concerned about the risk of infection are encouraged to continue wearing masks, and we ask that all members of our community support and respect one another’s mask-wearing choices.


Campus-to-Campus Schedule, Rates, & Resources