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Stand-Alone Contract:

A Stand-Alone Contract is a single facilities-related contract or an IDIQ task authorization for painting that is executed to complete a specific scope of work that is not associated with a capital project or a small project.

Small Project:

A Small Project is a facilities-related project with an estimated total project cost of less than $100,000; may have one or more contracts, Maximo work orders, and general expenses.

If a Stand Alone Contract or Small Project is needed go to:  Contract or Small Project Input and fill in the required (*) fields then click the Submit button. All instructions are contained within the web form.  A preview of the form is available here:  CSPI Preview.  Contact if you have any questions.

Capital Project:

A Capital Project a facilities-related project with an estimated total project cost equal to or greater than $100,000 that requires a Facilities Project Approval Request to authorize budget for design and construction phases.

If a Capital Project is needed, please consult your College/Unit Facilities Director (UFD), who is authorized to submit standard project import forms for set up of capital projects.

Blanket Agreement: 

A Blanket Agreement is a facilities-related agreement that provides a maximum cost per task as well as a maximum overall total cost that is set for a set period of time.

IDIQ Agreement: 

An IDIQ Agreement is a facilities-related indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract that has no funding associated with it that provides terms, conditions, and pricing applicable for either professional services or single-trade construction-type services.  Work is initiated via task authorization issued within a project being managed in e-Builder.

If a new Blanket or IDIQ Agreement is needed, please contact for guidance.

Project Guidance:

The Project Intake Manager will help you define the goals and scope of your projects, large or small, and establish a budget within your department or unit’s means. The Project Intake Manager will also help determine the best strategy to get your project completed on time and on budget, including working with outside consultants and contractors. Facilities and Campus Service's staff of architects, engineers, designers, tradespeople, and other facilities professionals are available to help make your project a success.

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Intake Manager.