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Cornell University

Facilities Management Org Chart

Org chart of Lisa James Direct Reports

Cornell University Facilities and Campus Services

Facilities Management, Associate Vice President – Lisa James

            Administrative Assistant - TBD

By Department:

Contract Colleges Zone Facilities, Director - Jessie Wells 

            Services: Maintenance, Maintenance Planning

Endowed Zone Facilities, Director – Darrell Reynolds

            Services: Maintenance, Maintenance Planning

Student and Campus Life Zone Facilities, Director – Dave Barber

             Services: Maintenance, Maintenance Planning

Building Care, Director - Steve Devlen

             Services: Primary FM integrator for Zone, Custodial Building Care

Grounds, Director – Dan Schied

            Services: Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Construction

FM Asset Management & Logistics, Director – Andrew Germain

            Services: Facilities Accessibility, Information Management, Process Stewardship, Preventive Maintenance, Maintenance Planning, Asbestos, 

                          Events, Procurement, RS, Training Program, Customer Service

FM Operations, Director – Paul Heliseva

            Services: Electric, Controls, Mechanical, Key Management and Shop Fabrication, Testing and Inspection

PDF of FCS FM Org Chart