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Cornell University

Request Waste Removal and/or a Dumpster

To Request Waste Removal

R5 Operations staff will pick-up waste (materials for Recycling, Reuse, or Landfill) from Campus customers at no additional charge provided the following:

  • Material is generated due to regular campus operations. (Note that materials due to construction or special projects may require the customer be balance billed for cost of waste removal.)
  • Quantity, size, and weight of material(s) can be moved safely by no more than two staff without lift equipment.
  • Quantity, size, and weight of material(s) can safely be moved in no more than two pickup trucks.
  • Small items are in bags or boxes. (R5 Operations staff are not available for bagging and boxing piles of paper, electronics, or other small items.)
  • Universal wastes, if any, are properly packaged and labeled. R5 Operations can provide direction and packaging material if needed.
  • Requests for pickup are made by phone or email no less than 5 business days prior to pickup.

To Request a Dumpster

Cornell University has one contract for all landfill, recycle, scrap metal, and construction and demolition (C&D) dumpsters for Cornell Department use.

This service is managed by the R5 Operations Department. 

  • Landfill, recycle, and C&D dumpsters do have a cost; any costs are balanced billed by R5 Operations to the customer. A Service Request in Maximo will be required. 
  • Please contact R5 Operations by phone or email no less than 10 business days for special dumpster services/changes. (Note that 10 day notice is required to ensure availability of dumpster(s), dumpster(s) site location is in compliance with fire code regulations and does not interfere with facility access. 

Email R5 at: