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Project Sunlight

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New York State law requires that employees who have the authority to make or influence procurement/contracts decisions report all substantive “appearances” with non-government entities (both individuals and firms) regarding one of five designated categories to an on-line searchable database within five days of the appearance if the cost of the procurement/contract could be more than $25,000.  All entries will be published on a public-facing website.

Five designated categories:

  1. Procurement of State contract for real property, goods, or services over $25,000,
  2. rate-making,
  3. regulatory matters,
  4. judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings, and
  5. rule-making per the State Administrative Procedures

What is not reported:

  1. Written communication – faxes, letters, or emails are not appearances
  2. Phone calls – phone calls are not appearances. ONLY in-person and video conference appearances are reported
  3. Under threshold amount – contacts related to procurements under $25,000