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Cornell University

Two-Way Radios

FCS Customer Service can provide two-way radios for your Ithaca-based event.  Our Motorola HT750 radios can greatly enhance your event staff's ability to share information, facilitate great service for your guests, stay organized, and coordinate responses to unexpected occurrences. 

Also available are charging docks which hold up to six radios, and temple transducing headsets which work great in a noisy environment.

There is a free radio user tutorial available at CU Learn with a Cornell net id. (Video is approx 9mins. Recommended browsers: for Windows Explorer, for Mac Safari) or go to radio instructions

  • The number of events we can provide radio support to at a given time is limited by the number of FCC licensed frequencies we have to operate on.
  • Radios must be reserved at least 24 hours ahead of time by calling 255-5322 or stopping by our office in room 105 in the Humphreys Service Building.
  • There is no charge for the use of the radios.
  • Borrowers will be expected to replace equipment that is lost or damaged.
  • Radio equipment can be picked up the business day before your event at 105 Humphreys Service Building.
  • Equipment should be returned to FCS Customer Service the next business day after your event. Do not write on or attach labels to the radios. Radios should be returned in the same condition they went out.