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Upcoming FM Event Initiatives

 Each year, Facilities Management works on initiatives that help improve communications, streamline processes and ensure safety. Below are descriptions of our current event related initiatives and how we feel they will benefit the Cornell community. For more information, please reach out to the Facilities Events and Training Manager,; 607-255-3751.

Tent Location Team: this group made up of representatives from University Planning, Accessibility, Grounds, Fire Marshals Office, Transportation and the Facilities Events Office. They review outdoor spaces on campus to determine where tents can be placed, the size tent allowed and the features of each individual space. This information will be the basis for an Outdoor Usage Guidelines document, which will help guide event planners in the best location for their event, and will help ensure tent vendors place the tents in a way that causes the least damage to our campus grounds.

Event Contracted Services Group (ECSG): this team includes major event planners from across campus and various regulatory bodies. They create documents that will be used by external vendors and event planners. The standard operating procedures (SOP’s) will outline roles/ responsibilities, the information that event planners should share with the vendor, expectations we have of vendors working on Cornell campus, etc. The ECSG is creating SOP’s for external vendors traditionally used for events, including tent vendors, caterers, safety/ security companies, production/ sound vendors, etc.

Event Temporary Sign Guidelines: as the number of campus events increases, so does the need for guidance around how to best get guests where they need to be and what signs are required at events. The Event Temporary Sign Guidelines will outline standards for temporary sign language, size, placement, etc and will inform event planners of required signs for certain events. In connection with this initiative, Facilities and Campus Services are taking an inventory of all of the event signs we have that might be able to be used for multiple events throughout the year.  

Project Work and Events: the University Planning Office, Project Management and the Facilities Events Office are collaborating on a map that will show where campus construction projects and events are taking place on campus to see where they intersect. Knowing the conflicts in advance will allow us to either have the construction work stand down during the event, or move the event to a new location or date.

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