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Cornell University

Event Equipment Available

In addition to event services, Facilities Management owns and maintains a multitude of event related materials. Below is a list of the items and the approximate number of each item we have. There is also a delivery/ setup fee for the majority of the items. The fee is a per hour rate, which is based on the number of items requested.

In addition to the items below, Facilities Management staff are happy to rent non-standard items for you, including pipe/ drape, specialty chairs/ tables, stages, etc. There is no markup for us to rent the materials for you, and we can pay the rental and delivery fee through the Maximo service request system. For more information or photos of the rental items, please reach out to the Facilities Events and Training Manager,; 607-255-3751.

On Site Event Rentals / Equipment:

Barricades: standard A-frame style barricade. Each one is 8’ long and made of wood and metal. ~150 in stock

Coat racks with hangers: Each coatrack holds 50 garments and is made of metal. Each one has wheels for easy movement, and we can provide metal or plastic coat hangers if needed. ~10 in stock

Flags (U.S., N.Y.S., C.U.): Each flag comes with a wooden pole and weighted metal base. 2 full sets in stock

Parking Cones: Standard orange rubber parking cones. Be sure to work with Transportation Services if you plan on closing parking spots. ~80 in stock

ROTC holding flags on Ho Plaza

Podiums (open or closed):

Closed Podium (with/ without seal): large wooden podium that hides the speakers legs. The Presidential seal is also provided.  2 in stock. Black Open Podium: lighter weight, more modern podium. It’s made of black painted wood, and is an open podium, meaning that the audience will be able to see the speakers legs. This style does not come with a seal. 2 in stock

Wooden Open Podium: lighter weight, more modern podium. It’s made of stained wood, and has a similar look to the black open podium. This style does not come with a seal. 3 in stock

Pop-up tents (10x10): standard, white 10x10 popup tent. Tents are delivered and placed using the properly weighted sand anchors. 13 in stock

Red Folding Chairs: we have all metal folding chairs. If chairs are placed in rows and there are 200+, they will need to be zip tied together- we will also provide the zip ties, if needed.

Chairs being set up in Schoellkopf Field

Stanchions (PVC, wood, or chrome):

3’ tall PVC stanchions: typically used outdoors to create chutes or lines for crowd control. Comes with white nylon rope. ~220 in stock. 8’ tall wooden stanchions: typically used for sign placement- signs can either be attached using screws (carpenter required), or velcro. ~125 in stock

3’ tall chrome stanchions: typically used indoors to create chutes or lines for crowd control. Comes with white nylon rope. ~120 in stock

Tables: all tables on hand have metal frames and white plastic tops. They are sturdy 6’ rectangular tables. ~750 in stock

Trash and Recycling Receptacles: made from heavy duty plastic, these receptacles are perfect for outdoor events, or large inside gatherings. All cans are delivered with the proper bags. ~125 garbage in stock, ~30 recycle in stock

Two Way Radios: used typically at large campus events, these radios help leads keep in constant communication with each other. Each radio comes with a headset. ~110 in stock 

Students Cheering