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Energy and Sustainability Staff Directory

Energy and Sustainability (E&S) is comprised of three interactive teams that work together to achieve our obligations and seize opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint while providing vital utilities. E&S staff are happy to interact with the Cornell community, peers, and others regarding issues in our purview. Please contact us using the information below, or contact E&S by sending an email to

Associate Vice President of Energy and Sustainability

Robert R. "Bert"  Bland, P.E., Associate Vice President

Campus Sustainability Office

The Campus Sustainability Office works with students, staff and community members to catalyze the Cornell's transformation into a sustainable campus, including its energy infrastructure.

Staff By Team:


Sustainability & Governance & Planning
Climate Action Planning
Communications Team
Engagement Team
Green Office / Green Labs Program
Renewable Energy Development
Sustainability Governance Coordination

Utilities Distribution and Energy Management

  • Cole Tucker, P.E., CEM, Interim Director of Utilities Distribution & Energy Management
  • Vicki Davis, Assistant to the Director of Utilities Distribution & Energy Management

Energy Management

The goal of the Energy Management section is to cost effectively minimize Cornell's energy use and associated environmental impacts. The Energy Management staff works to identify and implement conservation focused outreach, maintenance, energy studies, and capital projects to meet the university's needs with less energy use. The program includes all of the Ithaca, NY campus; Geneva Experiment Station and other off-central campus facilities in the region.

Utilities Distribution

The Utilities Distribution section of Energy and Sustainability maintain the steam, chilled water, potable water system, sanitary sewerage collection systems and storm sewerage collection system.

Utilities Production

The Utilities production section of Energy and Sustainability operates the University energy system that includes the production of steam with electric cogeneration, and chilled water. Utilities also operates an electric substation, hydroplant, potable water production system, sanitary sewerage collection systems and storm sewerage collection system.

Central Energy Plants (CEP)

CEP  Operations
CEP Maintenance and Instrumentation
Water and Wastewater