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Cornell University

Contract Colleges Facilities

  • Develop and Manage the SUNY Capital Plan
  • Administer State-funded Campus Let projects
  • Document required approvals for Cornell, the State University Construction Fund (SUCF), and municipalities
  • Facilitate SUCF-managed projects
  • Partner with Contract Colleges facility staff
  • Support the Division of Budget and Planning in the development of the University-wide Capital Plan
  • Provide project coordination when needed
  • Administer financial resources for the maintenance of State-owned buildings, greenhouses, and grounds on the Ithaca campus and throughout the State.
  • Campus Manager and strategic partner with Unit Facilities Directors for all zones and Facilities and Campus Services.
  • Ensure compliance with the current Building Codes of New York State for all SUNY- and Contract College-owned buildings.
  • Issue Permits and Certificates
  • Provide guidance and resources for MWBE contractual goals.
  • Document MWBE participation for eligible projects.

Veterinary Medical Hospital College of Veterinary Medicine

View of Stocking Hall at dusk

Martha Van Rensselaer College of Human Ecology

King Shaw Hall School of Industrial and Labor Relations