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Cornell University

Safety and Security

Security of building spaces is an important concern and a priority for Facilities and Campus Services. 

Doors that do not open, close securely, or lock; windows that will not latch or have broken glass; and card access systems that are not functioning properly are all considered safety and security issues and should be reported immediately.

    For academic and staff buildings:

    • Contact the Building Coordinator. To find a buildings BC go to:  and look up by building name, facility code, or address. Or, enter an online Service Request.
    • For emergencies 24/7 call 607-255-5322.
    • For followup on service requests see the service request confirmation email and follow link to view status or go to SR search form to look up.

    For campus residences:

     Personal Safety Concern? Contact the Cornell University Police at 607-255-5111
     They provide a Blue Light program that addresses many personal safety concerns.
        Blue Light phones around campus connect directly to CUPD
        Blue Light escort service is available upon request, 607/255-7373, or use a blue light phone
        For more on the Blue Light Program go to the CUPD website: