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Cornell University

FCS Recruiting

Facilities & Campus Services HR provides a wide range of services to administrators and staff in accordance with University and school/division policies and practices. HR supports the goals of individual units throughout FCS. 

Depending on the type of position, the hiring process may vary. The chart above is a visual overview of the general recruitment and selection process.

For more about each step in the process, please review the Tools menu on the righthand side.

Breakdown of HR Recruitment Support:

Tonya Eiklor

  • Band G positions and higher

Erica Reniff

  • Facilities Management - SCL, EN Zone, CC Zone, Ops 
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Energy & Sustainability

Grace Dembia

  • Building Care - S04s-S08s, Managers
  • Facilities Management - UAW Maint Mech
  • Finance & Admin
  • Transportation & Delivery
  • University Architect
  • Engineering & Proj Management
  • Contract College Facilities

Carson Lopez

  • Building Care - S02s only
  • Facilities Management - Grounds, Apprentices, Asset Management, All temps