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Verbal Offer & Background Check Process

Reference checks came back glowing and it's time to make the offer!

Verbal Offers

When can I extend an official offer?

Once you the HR representative has shared the reference check results with you and you have reviewed them, you will want to make sure you find them satisfactory before moving forward. If you approve, first let your HR rep know, and then they will confirm the earliest start date* you can offer.

*Building Care employees must pass a background check before an official offer is made

What about a Salary Analysis?

For Exempt hires only, the HR rep will have conducted a salary analysis during the reference checks, before the Verbal Offer can be made. Typically, HR will send the salary analysis results at the same time or after the reference checks are shared with the hiring manger.

How soon can the new hire start?

The start date may vary depending on many factors, so please be sure to communicate with your HR rep for the most realistic timeline.

Who sends the Offer Letter?

Offer letters are auto-generated in Workday as part of the hire finalization process. Depending on the position and nature of the hire, your HR rep may send you a copy to review before submitting it for review to your new hire. 

Background Checks

When are background checks initiated?

Background checks are initiated in tandem with the hire finalization process in Workday. The results do not have to be completed/approved before your hire is onboarded*, but their continued employment is always contingent upon a successful background check. 

*This does not apply for Building Care Employees

How long do background checks take?

Background checks can take anywhere between 5-14 business days. As with reference checks, we use a third-party vendor to complete background checks, so unfortunately FCS HR cannot control the timeline.

What if my new hire or I have questions about the background check?

Please send all inquiries to your HR rep, who may also help get you or the new hire in touch with the vendor if there are any issues.