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Building plumbing provides water for use for building residents and removes waste water, but it can be the source of extensive damage and water loss if a leak occurs and goes unreported. Please report plumbing issues such as leaks, faucets that drip constantly or do not work, running toilets, discoloration of water, clogged or slow drains, and problems with water pressure or temperature. 

For emergencies 24/7 call 607-255-5322.

For non-emergency repair and maintenance enter a Service Request online. 

For follow up on service requests:

  • Contact the Building Coordinator. To find a buildings BC go to: Find Facility Information and look up by building name, facility code, or address.
  •  Go to SR search form to look up service requests you have entered.
  •  Or for campus residences you can also call the Cornell Housing Maintenance Office M-F, 8am-4pm, 607-255-0328 
Plumbing installation at Vet School