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NYS Contract Reporter Ad Inquiries for Current Projects Out for Bid

All inquiries made for a project currently in the RFQ stage will be posted below along with responses.

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SUCF# 161062 Renovate Livestock Pavilion for Surge Space

Q1. If there are research labs, will the research labs be shared, individual small research labs, or is this to be determined?

A1. Goal is to maximize flexibility and chemical use of wet labs while recognizing the limited construction budget. Potentially four large open lab areas with associated lab support spaces serving each, creating four chemical control areas or lab suites. Ability to assign compatible research to an appropriate number/length of lab benches versus individual lab rooms.

Q2. Will there be any exterior envelope improvements anticipated, including roof, entrances, windows, energy improvements, etc.?

A2. Livestock pavilion is currently an uninsulated masonry building with original windows, doors, and overhead door openings. The change of use will require insulating the building shell from the interior (especially walls), replacing windows (converting many window openings at clerestory level to mechanical louvers, etc.), re-roofing, and being code compliant with State energy code.

Q3. 3. Will civil and landscape be a part of the scope?

A3. Utility services to the facility will need to be upgraded to meet the needs of the change of use. This will require routing of several utilities to the facility that are in the vicinity. Landscaping will focus on the restoration of existing hardscape and landscapes due required utility work, ADA access routes, drainage, etc.

Q4. Please clarify the sustainability scope of work – will LEED certification be required or is the project designed to meet the standard?

A4. This will be a LEED Silver certified project

Q5. Do you have an estimated construction cost for this project?

A5. We do not have an estimated construction cost at this time.