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Cornell University

Finance & Administration

Under the direction of Senior Director, Kelley Cooper, Finance and Administration for FCS is comprised of four departments: Finance, Human Resources for FCS, Contracts, and Information Technology and Business Analytics.  Together, we serve the administrative needs of our diverse division.

FCS Finance

Finance is responsible for financial oversight, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, reporting and compliance. The team supports capital planning, projects and strategic use of funds.

FCS Finance acts as a strategic partner to the organization’s leadership and operational management in the development of new programs and services.

The Finance team provides guidance for statutory, general purpose, enterprise, designated, gift, and endowment funds and accounting issues.  We ensure the accuracy, completeness, and integrity of financials.

FCS Finance works collaboratively with the Division of Financial Affairs, Planning and Budget, and partners across campus.

FCS Information Technology and Business Analytics

Under the guidance of the IT Liaison, Ashley Percey, IT and Business Analytics serves as the steward of Facilities and Campus Services’ IT resources, data resources, and policies. The objective is to liaison with CIT to ensure that we receive the high level of support we have come to expect.  Ashley also provides business analytics, acts as a bridge between business problems and technology solutions, and analyzes, transforms, and resolves business problems with the help of technology.


Facilities Contracts is responsible for the preparation of contracts for services which require the use of labor (e.g. – contractors, architects, consultants, etc.) or services which create risk to the University.  Their services typically include contracts for architectural/engineering design services, consulting services, testing services, renovations and construction services for both capital and non-capital projects.

Human Resources for FCS

Human Resources for FCS provides services to all FCS staff and supervisors pertaining to such things as benefits, professional development, performance management, HR policies, work/life balance, diversity, and engagement.