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Cornell University

Animal Removal

To request removal of a nuisance or dead animal on campus enter an online service request or call 607-255-5322. If this is a life/safety emergency call 911 or 607-255-5111.

In case of possible rabies exposure keep everyone away from the area, and if there is no risk of exposure or injury contain the animal.

All bats where exposure has happened should be tested for rabies.

Please do not request animal control for wildlife on the Ithaca campus that does not fall within the NYS DEC ‘nuisance’ guideline –
“A wild animal that may cause property damage, is perceived as a threat to human health or safety, or is persistent and perceived as an annoyance. Examples include a skunk or fox living under the porch or shed.
If an animal is not causing any concern, for example, it is simply passing by, is observed only once or twice and does not cause any harm, then it should not be considered a nuisance.

For injured wildlife contact the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center, or call 607-253-3060.

Cats and dogs are not considered wildlife, please contact the Tompkins County SPCA, or call 607-257-1822.