FCS Leaders

Left to right, starting at back row: Carin Clark, Burt Bland, Andre Magre, Donna Marie Parker, Bridgette Brady, Dave Honan, Keith Barton, Margaret Carney, Kelley Yeomans, Rick Burgess


 Rick Burgess    

      Frederick Burgess 

Vice President of Facilities and Campus Services

308 Day Hall.
Ithaca, NY 14853-3701

Keith Barton – Associate Vice President of Facilities Management & Contract Colleges Facilities

Robert Bland – Associate Vice President of Energy and Sustainability

Bridgette Brady – Senior Director of Transportation and Mail Services

Margaret Carney – Senior Director of the Office of the University Architect

Dave Honan – Chief of Police, Cornell University Police Department

Andrew Magre – Associate Vice President of Engineering and Project Administration 

Kelley Yeomans – Senior Director, FCS Finance and Administration

Donna-Marie Parker – Director of FCS Human Resources

Carin Clark – Executive Staff Assistant to the Vice President


FCS org chart pdf