This website provides 'one-stop shopping' for our customers to initiate a service, get current information about a project or building, or retrieve reference information. It is also designed to introduce you to the departments within Facilities and Campus Services. FCS is an administrative support division that includes the the Office of the University Architect, Contract Colleges Facilities, Energy and Sustainability, Facilities Management, Transportation and Delivery Services, Engineering and Project Management, Finance and Administration, and Cornell Real Estate. The Cornell University campus is widely admired as one of the world’s most beautiful academic settings. We serve Cornell through the planning, design, construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of University facilities. Additionally, we are proud to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments and successes of our staff as we partner with the broader university community in carrying out our mission.

Facilities and Campus Services vision:
Accelerate the transformation of Cornell University into a world recognized model of excellence, innovation, and sustainability.


The FCS Diversity Committee (FCSDC) works to develop strategies to raise diversity awareness and support a culture of acceptance and inclusiveness within IPP.

Our Direction - Our diversity committee is directed by the guidelines laid out in the campus document Toward New Destinations (TND) – Institutional Diversity Planning created by the University Diversity Council. Under this charter, Colleges and units have been challenged to promote a working culture of inclusion and embrace the elements of diversity within the workplace.

This year the FCSDC will be focusing on the following three initiatives:

1.    Identify specific underrepresented job titles to develop and implement outreach plans with the intent to increase diversity of applicant pools.  

2.    Develop a diversity and inclusiveness training program that covers topics that are both relevant to our current culture, and are based on direct feedback from FCS staff.

3.    Explore opportunities within the surrounding counties and communities to promote Cornell careers within FCS and solicit Cornell FCS Staff volunteers who can engage with potential diverse candidates.

The FCSDC is excited to hear your ideas! If you would like to learn more about each of these initiatives, or be involved as they are implemented, please reach out to one of our committee members.

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Cornell University is a living laboratory for sustainability -a place where sustainability solutions are developed, studied, implemented, and evaluated. By blurring the boundaries among classroom, lab, and campus, we are accelerating progress on exciting opportunities in the pursuit of a sustainable future in our buildings, food, energy, transportation, and more.
We are committed to reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2035 and creating an innovative, world-class campus that demonstrates and advances sustainability solutions.

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    Facilities and Campus Services career possibilities include: project managers, carpenters, sheet metal workers, laborers, custodians, grounds workers, electricians, plumbers, utility workers, construction managers, maintenance planners, real estate professionals, transportation representatives, motor coach operators, painters to name just a few!

    Cornell offers generous benefits from health insurance, flexible spending accounts (select benefits) and retirement plans to medical leaves and educational benefits to eligible faculty and staff.

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    • November 6, 2018
      2018 Energy Smackdown

      Compete to reduce energy...

      Competion Dates: Monday, October 22nd - Friday, December 7th, 2018

      Energy Smackdown: You look like a million kilowatt hours

      Can we reach a million?! Cornell is getting energized for its annual Energy Smackdown competition where students, staff, and faculty will compete for 6 weeks to cut back their energy use on campus – an important step towards achieving a carbon neutral campus by 2035. This year, we’re aiming to lose big – 1 million kWh over 6 weeks, that’s the equivalent of 140 homes’ energy use for a full year! So keep an eye out for our high impact energy savings tips for residential, office, and lab spaces. You can also keep track of our energy use (and renewable energy production) across campus year-round using our real-time metering data.

      So how will you be energy smart? You’re encouraged to act alone and in groups, so start planning today for what changes you’ll make in October and beyond. Could you wash your...