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Benefits & Disability

Disability Leave

For almost all Leaves and Disability cases, FCS HR is responsible for entering your time while you are away.

Here is a quick snapshot of the process for Short Term Disability, Worker's Compensation, New York Paid Family Leave, and Personal Medical Leave:

  1. The employee must obtain a formal written doctor's note detailing the dates of leave (even if the return is approximate or undefined)
  2. The employee must give a copy of the doctor's note to FCS HR, either by scanning it in to or faxing it to 607-255-4282. Additionally, the employee can also send a fax to the Medical Leaves Administration, 607-255-1177.
  3. Once the doctor's note is received, FCS HR will place the employee out on the appropriate leave type in Workday. The employee will need to inform FCS HR whether the employee would like to use supplements from their accrual bank for full coverage.
  4. FCS HR will ensure that Medical Leaves Administration has a copy of the doctor's note. Once they do, the Medical Leaves Administration will reach out to the employee with the required paperwork.
  5. While the employee is out on a Leave, FCS HR will enter the appropriate time type on the employee's timecard/time-off calendar to ensure the employee is covered.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to 

Staff Benefits

Cornell offers generous benefits to support and enhance your health, wealth and wellness.  Below are quick links that provide an overview of the many rewards that have made Cornell an award-winning employer of choice.

For additional information regarding these rewards/benefits, please visit Benefits & Pay at the Cornell Division of Human Resources website.