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Cornell University

Energy and Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability is comprised of three interactive teams that work together to achieve our obligations and seize opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint while providing vital utilities services to the Ithaca campus.

Campus Sustainability Office
Empowers, equips, and engages our diverse partners to catalyze a sustainable campus transformation.

Energy Management
Conserving energy, load forecasting, trending, optimizing supply, reducing demand, metering...

Utilities Distribution and Production
Infrastructure: producing and distributing heat, cooling, electricity, water...

Events Happening Now:

Leaving campus for a break?: Before leaving campus for winter or spring break, and other holidays throughout the year, follow these simple tips to save energy in your office, common areas, labs, residential rooms and spaces.


Electronics Recycling - Wednesdays in March

Every Wednesday during the month of March (3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29)

Recycle your home and office electronic waste sustainably and FOR FREE by bringing items to the Cornell Recycle Center (251 Solidago Rd) between 8:00am-3:00pm on Wednesdays throughout March. Click on the link to see accepted and non-accepted items.

Recycle bin filled with electronics
Free electronics recycling for the month of March

What are those droplet shaped sculptures on campus?

Droplet shaped sculptures on campus
Year of Water informational water droplets are installed around the Cornell campus

2022 Annual  Water Quality Report is available to download.

2022 Energy Fast Facts

​ Energy Fast Facts snapshot [Click and drag to move] ​

provide a great one page snapshot of the present vs. 1990 energy production, consumption, emissions associated with the central energy plants.