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Cornell University

Transportation and Delivery Services

Keeping Cornell on the Move

Cornell University‚Äôs Department of Transportation and Delivery Services facilitates smart and sustainable movement of people, packages, and vehicles across Cornell campuses and beyond.

We are committed to offering and encouraging alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle, while supporting sustainability initiatives for the campus, adjacent neighborhoods, and the environment.

  • Our award-winning commuter programs and parking options lessen the financial and environmental impact of the daily commute.

  • Our mail and courier programs save the university time and money, productivity and risk, as well as reduce campus congestion and parking demand.

  • Our use of electric and natural-gas fueled vehicles has resulted in both environmental and financial savings.

  • As a whole, we continue to research options to reduce vehicle traffic on and around the campus while supporting the mission of the university. 

Transportation and Delivery Service's administrative offices are located at 116 Maple Avenue. The senior director is Bridgette Brady.