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Cornell University

Student Campus Life (SCL) Zone

Panoramic view of Cornell from Ithaca

The SCL Zone includes: Cornell Auxiliary Services (Cornell Store, Residential & Event Services, Dining and Marketing & Communications), Athletics, Cornell Health Services, Cornell United Religious Works, Greeks, Co-op’s, Dean of Students, Cornell Child Care Center, and Africana Studies. For more information about a specific building, please see the Find Facility Information webpage.

Routine Repair and Maintenance Service Requests should be entered online. Links to the online form can be found on the FCS website and the SCL Campus Living website. For Emergencies call Facilities and Campus Services Customer Service / EMCS at 607-255-5322.

For other housing issues contact SCL Campus Living Facilities Office at 607-255-0328 Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.  

Facilities Management Student Campus Life Zone Staff

Facilities Management staff  are part of Facilities and Campus Services and provide repair, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and small project services for facilities located within a zone.

Zone Facilities Director: Dave Barber,  (w) 607-255-1120

Administrative Assistants:  Carrie Maine, (w) 607-255-3622; Wendy Turner, (w) 607-255-6862

Zone Facilities Manager: Dan Decker, (c) 607-327-1080
Zone Facilities Manager: Roy Baker, (c) 607-220-8858
Zone Facilities Manager: Todd Searles, (c) 607-280-9902

Associate Director Building Care: Cindy Lockwood , (w) 607-227-3950

Zone Maintenance PlannerBonnie Pealer: Athletics, Community Centers, Greek and Co-op Housing - (c) 607-227-8845
Zone Maintenance PlannerAsa Schindler: Undergraduate and Graduate Housing – (w) 607-255-4815

Zone Staff Represent a Wide Range of Trade Skills

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (ACR)
  • Carpenter/ Lock
  • Controls (heating and cooling)
  • Building Care Services
  • Electric
  • Maintenance Mechanics (preventive & corrective)
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Mason
  • Paint, Glass & Sign
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet Metal / Roofing
  • Material Handling and Moving

Unit Facilities Staff with Student and Campus Life (SCL Website)

Unit Facilities Director:  Lisa Anderson, (w) 607-255-8206

Associate Director Facilities Administration: Nianne Vanfleet, (w) 607-255-6946
Associate Director SCL Project Management: Michael Stewart, (w) 607-255-7441
Associate Director Facilities Cornell Dining: Marijane Johnson, (w) 607-254-4620
Associate Director Housing Facilities: Sara Khozeimeh, (w) 607-255-3249
Associate Director Student Services Facilities: Terrance Deary, (w) 607-255-8039


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