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Cornell University


The e-Builder team administers the University-wide, project management system, which captures all capital project information in one cloud-based central database. It ensures enforcement of University policy and business rules relative to project authorizations (PARs), provides consistent filing system for project documentation, meets construction process audit requirements, and standardizes reporting. e-Builder provides transparency to all project stakeholders and University executives by providing standardized management tools that track project budgets and design/construction management processes from project start to closeout.

The core functions of the e-Builder team include:

  • System Administration/Maintenance
  • User Training, Communication & Support
  • Reporting & Business Analytics 
  • Streamline Processes & Modules
  • Implement Modules & Functionality

Roles Based System: Users are granted access on a project-by-project basis and assigned a role based on their responsibilities related to the management of the project. The assigned role also determines access levels for all modules and documents for each project. Users can be assigned different e-Builder roles on different projects.

e-Builder Team: For questions about e-Builder, please contact the individuals below

e-Builder Announcements
Announcements related to updates, changes and contact information can be found on the right-hand side of your e-Builder home page.