News as of 02/14/2019

Known Issues

  • Performance between 2pm and 3pm are being investigated.
  • The SR submission website is not properly populating an asset number in Maximo when an asset location is selected.

Maximo Changes

  • An escalation was created that will auto-complete work orders for Burke Pest Control 2 weeks after they are created. Customer Service will enter information provided from Burke Pest Control into the WO work logs.
  • The Customer Service Request Search web page was fixed to display accurate results for “SRs Resolved” within a specific date range.

EZMaxMobile Changes

  • New buttons are available on the work order details screen to show Saved MRs, Open MRs, Pending Orders, and Placed Orders.
  • The ability to filter by an item # or description has been added to Consumables (Favorites) lists.
  • When adding a new row to Material Requisitions, the line type now defaults to “MATERIAL” instead of “ITEM”.
  • On the work order details screen, a “Spare Parts” button has been added, and will be displayed when the WO is written to an Asset.
  • Work logs are now sorted from newest to oldest.

Upcoming Trainings

  • SR Workflow process for Maximo Unit Facility Reps: February 21; 1pm – 2:30pm; Humphreys B26A; contact Erin Sill (emw46) to sign up
  • EZMaxMobile user make-up session; date/time TBD



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Current Priorities

  Detailed Information

- Maximo Upgrade
- Asset ‘End of Life’ Date
- Receiving/Invoicing Changes
- Labor Charge Rules
- WO Lead Field Usage
- Consumables List
- SR Workflow Re-design
- Web Applications Re-Write
- Asset Locations in EMCS

  Completed Projects