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Financial Period

The last day of the 201911 financial period is 11/21/2019.

FY20 Financial Period Calendar
FY20 Financial Period Calendar Details

Current Priorities

  • Work Order statuses to support FM Centralized Planning & Scheduling
  • Invoice Process Redevelopment
  • CMMS Optimization RFP
  • Maximo implementation for the Cornell Tech campus
  • Maximo-Workday Reporting
  • Service Request Workflow Streamlining
  • Asset Locations in EMCS
  • Web Applications Rewrite
  • Maximo OBIEE Models Redesign

Current Priorities Details
Current Priorities Timeline
Completed Projects

News as of 11/13/2019

Cornell Bear
Known Issues
  • There have been system performance issues between 2pm and 3pm. A fix that was provided by the vendor, IBM, was deployed on 10/3. We will be monitoring the system to see if it addresses the performance issues.
Recent Maximo Changes
  • An new interface was deployed that will allow the FM Procurement Group to manage trades consumables items lists.

  • Start Centers were modified for SCL Facility Managers to improve the organization and management of their service requests.
Recent EZMaxMobile Changes
  • Labor Assignments: The Start/Stop buttons were removed from the Work Order screen, and the "Complete" button was added to individual labor assignments. Changes were also made in how labor assignments are sorted - it first displays assignments for the person logged in, in scheduled start date ascending order, then it will display others assigned, by scheduled start date ascending order.

  • My Schedule View: List sorting capabilities were added below the calendar.

New Maximo OBIEE reporting
  • A new Maximo OBIEE Financial Analysis model was deployed on September 20. This model combines data from Maximo and the billing system, and will replace the current model, "Facilities Maximo Financial Analysis". New Dashboard reports based on this model are available in the “Maximo” section of the OBIEE Dashboard menu. The current Financial Analysis model will no longer be maintained after December 2019 and will be retired. It is important that users re-create queries they have saved in the current model in the new model.

Upcoming Trainings
  • FM Work Management – Fall 2019