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Financial Period

The last day of the 201905 financial period is 05/24/2019.

FY19 Financial Period Calendar
FY19 Financial Period Calendar Details


Integrated Applications

Fixed Price
Labor Entry (FCS Engineering use only)


Billing system & tables:

COGS Accounts
Cost Centers
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Rate Components
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SUNY Accounts


News as of 4/12/2019

Known Issues

  • Performance issues between 2pm and 3pm are being investigated.

Maximo Changes

  • The dialog box that is displayed during workflow has been modified to show “FCS” instead of “IPP”.
  • The query that sets the Owner Group to Geneva upon acknowledgement of service requests for Geneva facilities has been modified.

Upcoming Trainings

  • Maximo UFR Training: June 20 from 1:00-2:30, Humphreys 102C Conference Room. Contact Erin Sill (emw46) to sign up.



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Current Priorities

  Detailed Information

- Maximo Upgrade
- Receiving/Invoicing Changes
- WO Lead Field Usage
- Consumables List
- SR Workflow Re-design
- Web Applications Re-Write
- Asset Locations in EMCS

  Completed Projects