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Maximo - Help and FAQ

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Common Maximo Connection Issues

I am receiving a “This site can’t be reached” message when trying to connect to Maximo from on-campus.
- Maximo is only available when connected via hard wired campus network or “eduroam” when on Wi-Fi.  Make sure that you are not connected to “RedRover” or another W-Fi network.

I am receiving a “This site can’t be reached” message when trying to connect to Maximo from off-campus.
- In order to use Maximo from off-campus you must first connect via VPN.  If you do not have the VPN installed, follow these instructions, or contact your local IT unit for assistance.

I am receiving a blank white screen when trying to navigate in Maximo.
- The common cause of this is the browser you are using a timeout on the Maximo server.  Close all the browser windows (not just the specific tab) for the browser you are using and try again.

When logging in to Maximo I am immediately logged back out.
- You do not have a Maximo account or your account is inactive.  Please submit a trouble ticket to start the process of getting a Maximo account or to re-activate your existing Maximo account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request access to Maximo?
Submit a Trouble Ticket

How do I request a person record for someone in Maximo?
- FCS Customer Service (607-255-5322)

Where can I find information for Service Requests?
FCS SR Website, OBIEE Dashboards/ Answers

How do I get access to Maximo data in OBIEE?
Submit a Trouble Ticket

Where can I get Maximo training/ help?
SOP Website, FCS Customer Service (607-255-5322), Jocelyn Becraft, Submit a Trouble Ticket