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Cornell University

Contract Colleges (CC) Zone

The Contract College Zone includes the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and the College of Human Ecology.  For more information about a specific building, please see the Find Facility Information page. Routine Repair and Maintenance Service Requests should be entered online. For Emergencies call Facilities and Campus Services Customer Service / EMCS at 607-255-5322.

Facilities Management Staff for the Contract Colleges Zone

Facilities Management staff are part of Facilities and Campus Services and provide repair, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and small project services for facilities located within a zone.

Zone Facilities Director: Jessie Miller Wells

Administrative Assistant: 
Heather Mitchell, (w) 607-255-3209

Zone Facilities Manager: Joshua Cooley, (c) 607-432-8190
Zone Facilities Manager Archie Resue, (c) 607-239-0230
Zone Facilities Manage Damien Steele, (c) 607-592-7427

Zone Maintenance Planner: Marc Marinchak, (c) 412-350-8805
Zone Maintenance Planner: Bill Wilcox, (c) 607-927-1941
Zone Maintenance Planner for CALS: Steve Cobb, (w) 607-327-1602

Zone Staff Represent a Wide Range of Trade Skills

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (ACR)
  • Carpenter/ Lock
  • Controls (heating and cooling)
  • Electric
  • Maintenance Mechanics (preventive & corrective)
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Mason
  • Paint, Glass & Sign
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet Metal / Roofing
  • Material Handling and Moving
Building Care Custodial Services: Associate Director Building Care: Hazel Hall (w) 607-227-5736

Unit Facilities Staff for the Contract Colleges Zone

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS website):

Andrew Vail, (w) 607-255-0722

College of Human Ecology (HE website):

Eric Nichols, (c) 607-592-8047

College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM website):

Michael Stewart, (c) 607-351-7372

Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR website):

David Lippincott, (w) 607-255-9071, (c) 607-227-5877


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