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Cornell University

Getting Started: FCS Recruiting

Process Overview

The general recruiting process in Facilities and Campus Services, once you are ready to post, looks like this:

  1. Obtain leadership approval for backfill or new position
  2. Send a request to post, along with official leadership approval, to the designated HR representative
  3. Collaborate with HR rep as they finalize the posting in Workday, provide any information they ask for
  4. Once posted, schedule a Kickoff with HR 
  5. After the Kickoff, begin reviewing candidates
  6. Communicate with HR about dispositions and interview scheduling 
  7. Interview candidates
  8. Schedule Debrief with HR
  9. With selected candidate(s), HR initiates Reference Checks, sends completed checks to hiring manager for approval
  10. Hiring manager extends Offer to successful candidate(s) while HR initiates a background check

Where do I start?

If an employee recently left and you need to backfill their position, or you see a need on your team that requires new talent, begin by seeking approval from leadership. Please do not hesitate to reach out to HR with any follow-up questions on how to begin the recruiting process.