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Debrief Process

You have successfully completed interviews, and now it's time to schedule a Debrief!

What is a Debrief?

A Debrief is a meeting between HR and the search committee, wherein HR facilitates a discussion over interviews that took place. HR may present the matrix of candidate ratings and comments made in Workday Assessments for discussion.

When do Debriefs take place?

Debriefs occur after the Interviews stage and before the Reference Check stage. These meetings could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the quantity of candidates. Hiring managers are not to move forward with offers of employment before a Debrief is completed with HR. 

How should I prepare?

In advance of a Debrief, please complete all Workday Assessments assigned to you. Come prepared to discuss your ratings of each candidate and justifications for moving or not moving individuals forward in the search.

What happens after a Debrief?

After a Debrief is complete and the committee selects the best-performing candidate(s), HR initiates the reference check(s) through a third-party vendor, Harver.

What are Workday Assessments?

These Workday-generated assessments are a formalized rating scale attached to each candidate. Whenever an interview is scheduled, HR moves the candidate to Interview Stage and selects the date for the interview. On the designated date, a Workday Assessment will populate in your Inbox. Below is an example of what this might look like.