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Cornell University

Reference Check Process

Congratulations on selecting the final candidate(s). Now it's time for the Reference Check!

How do Reference Checks work?

HR initiates reference checks through Harver, our third-party vendor. Harver sends an email to the candidate requesting that they enter information of the references they want to use. Cornell University requires a minimum of 3 references, including at least 1 immediate (past or current) supervisor.

Can I use Reference Checks as a tie breaker?

Unless given explicit permission, simultaneous reference checks cannot be sent to competing candidates in order to break a tie in scores.

Are References required?

References are required for all full-time, regular appointments and for most fixed-term, temporary appointments as well.

How long do Reference Checks take?

Reference checks can take anywhere from 5 business days to 14, depending on how quickly the candidate uploads information and how quickly their raters respond.

What happens when the Reference Check is complete?

Once the candidate's references are ready to view, HR will download the report from Harver and send to the hiring manager for review. The hiring manager assesses the quality of the references based on the metrics built into Harver. If approved, a contingent offer can be made and start date selected. After the Offer Letter is signed, HR will initiate a background check.