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Cornell University

Student Permit Privileges

Permit Type/Neighborhood/Parking Locations

Permit Category

Parking Privileges/Notes

FH     Hasbrouck Apt.
Parking locations: Hasbrouck Apt.

Student Residence

Valid in FH; A Lot after 2:30 pm
OmniRide Privileges

ND    North Campus Residence Halls, Program Houses, and Cooperative Housing; 411 & 508 Thurston Ave.*
Parking locations: Anna Comstock; Hasbrouck Outer Circle, Thurston Ct.

Student Residence

Valid in ND; A Lot after 2:30 pm

SW   Cascadilla Hall; Sheldon Court; Eddygate;109 Sage Place; Schuyler House
Parking locations: Stewart & Williams St; Schuyler House

Student Residence

Valid in SW; A Lot after 2:30 pm

WD  West Campus House System, Program Houses, and Cooperative Housing; 112 Edgemoor Lane.
Parking locations: Edgemoor Lane; University Ave Lot

Student Residence

Valid in WD; A Lot after 2:30 pm

B       Parking location: B Lot at Vet College

Student Commuter

Valid in B Lot; A Lot after 2:30 pm

SC     Parking locations: Campus Rd lots from Crescent to B Lot; Morrison lots; Oxley Lot (Route 366); Wing Drive; North Campus

Student Commuter

Valid in SC and B Lot, A Lot after 2:30 pm


AP     Campus-wide Handicap-Accessible Parking Permit


All permit-restricted spaces except reserved, MT. Not valid in paid parking spaces without payment. Must obey posted time restrictions.