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Cornell University

Graduate Students on Assistantships

Parking Options for Eligible Graduate Students

Beginning in June 2023, graduate students funded by assistantships (teaching assistant (TA), research assistant (RA), graduate assistant (GA), and graduate research assistant (GRA)) will be eligible to purchase the same permits as faculty and staff, offering new options for students who carry out research and teaching on campus.

Getting Started

Review employee parking options and permit fees and privileges to understand the tier system and eligibility guidelines. The following permit options are currently available (*Must work in the associated zone):

When ready, complete the Permit Purchase Agreement Form to make a request. Some permits may not be available due to capacity limits or eligibility rules.

If the permit request is approved, Transportation Services will complete the transaction and mail the permit. We may contact the requestor to collect payment information. The student employee will receive a confirmation message (virtual permit) or will be emailed a printable temporary permit to use until their hangtag arrives. 

If a permit is not currently available for purchase due to ineligibility or capacity limits, an alternate option will be offered. Transportation Services will evaluate parking demand and may open sales for additional permit areas after July 1. Please check back for changes.

Students can purchase an annual OmniRide student bus pass or choose to share the ride with other community members. Students may also opt to purchase regular student permits instead of faculty/staff permits.


  • Resident students may purchase a faculty/staff R (North Campus) or WE (West Campus) permit.
  • Resident students are not eligible for the free A or E permit.
  • Accepted payment methods for fee permits are credit card, check, and bursar; student employees are not eligible for payroll installments.
  • Commuter program benefits (unlimited TCAT transit and RideShare discounts) are restricted to faculty and staff with regular appointments.


  • Employment status and eligibility for faculty/staff permits will be verified using Workday.
  • Student must be on a Full Assistantship as defined by University Policy.
  • Students must work on the Ithaca main campus.
  • Student employees must meet the same work-in-zone and permit eligibility requirements as faculty and staff.