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Cornell University

Parking for University Employees


  • Permit Availability

    Parking permits are issued to eligible faculty, employees, and students on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis. Some permit areas may have additional work-in-zone or residency requirements. If a permit area is not available due to capacity or eligibility restrictions, please contact us for alternative parking options.

  • Daily Decision Parking

    Low-cost Parking Options Using ParkMobile

    The Daily Decision program gives commuters access to low-cost, short-term options to meet their occasional parking needs. Using the ParkMobile app, this program provides community members greater flexibility than a traditional annual or semester permit, coupled with the convenience of contactless self-service.

    Visit the  Daily Decision page to learn more about parking options, prices, and locations, and visit to download the app, create an account, and park.

  • Parking Compliance

    Permit and Payment Requirements Enforced

    Students, faculty, and staff returning to campus should visit to check their permit and vehicle information before parking, as restrictions and Night/Weekend Parking Rules are enforced throughout campus. Community members should also be prepared for upcoming event impacts on traffic and parking. Fine-due citations are issued in response to permit and payment requirement violations.

Parking Options for Employees

Employee permits are issued through a work-in-zone system based on groupings of buildings by designated parking areas. For a given zone, a limited number of permits are sold, so that purchasers have a reasonable chance to park. Paid permits offer different levels of privileges based on parking rate tier.

Getting Started

Parking preference is granted to those employees who:

Employees may choose to purchase an individual parking permit, use Daily Decision options, or participate in a commuting program. Commuting programs offer discounts and incentives to eligible faculty and staff with regular appointments who choose to share the ride or use transit.

Commuters have access to support services to help get to campus or back home.


  • Employees who bring personal cars, motorcycles, or motorscooters to the campus must register their license plate with Transportation Services, whether or not they buy a parking permit. Register and update vehicle information at
  • Vehicle information must be kept current.
  • New and temporary employees should bring their appointment letter or other verification of employment, work days and hours, and length of appointment when requesting a permit or TCAT access.
  • Eligible faculty and staff with regular appointments can pay permit fees via payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis.
  • Permits not paid via payroll deduction must be paid in full at the time of purchase; no refunds issued for pre-paid permits after March 31.