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Parking Options for Cornell Retirees

  • Retiree Parking Changes 

    New Permit Options for Retirees

    Beginning January 1, 2023, retiree parking options will change due to shifts in demand and the loss of parking inventory due to construction. A free permit for North Campus A Lot is still available, however, free access to O and R areas will end. North Campus A Lot access is provided through a free virtual permit, which requires registration but allows a license plate to serve as the parking credential. Retirees also have the option to purchase a permit from available offerings.

    As part of an ongoing commitment to alternative transportation options, retirees will continue to have no-cost, universal transit access on TCAT buses when using their ID card at the farebox.

    Accessible parking permit options are also available. Eligibility for free and paid parking accessibility permit options remain the same, as do permit display requirements.

  • Daily Decision Parking

    Low-cost Parking Options Using ParkMobile

    The Daily Decision program gives commuters access to low-cost, short-term options to meet their occasional parking needs. Using the ParkMobile app, this program provides community members greater flexibility than a traditional annual or semester permit, coupled with the convenience of contactless self-service.

    Visit the  Daily Decision page to learn more about parking options, prices, and locations, and visit to download the app, create an account, and park.

  • Parking Compliance

    Permit and Payment Requirements Enforced

    Students, faculty, and staff returning to campus should visit to check their permit and vehicle information before parking, as restrictions and Night/Weekend Parking Rules are enforced throughout campus. Community members should also be prepared for upcoming event impacts on traffic and parking. Fine-due citations are issued in response to permit and payment requirement violations.

2023 Retiree Transportation Options

Getting Started

Cornell retirees can use their CU ID to access unlimited-use TCAT privileges. Retirees who need to access campus have permit options similar to regular employees:

  • Free annual virtual A Lot parking permit, available from
  • Complimentary daily A Lot permit from the Transportation Services office at 116 Maple Avenue (retirees only).
  • Purchase a permit from the current available inventory. Retirees can choose from the same permit options as all current faculty and staff members, however, some permits are restricted due to eligibility and availability rules.
  • Free and paid accessible parking permit options. A municipally issued ADA placard is required to obtain a Cornell accessible permit. Faculty and staff with accessible parking needs can opt for the following:
    • a free PO Cornell hangtag, valid in accessible and permit-restricted spaces in areas signed A, E, ME, R, O, and WE; or
    • a for-fee AP Cornell hangtag, valid in any accessible parking space as well as most permit-restricted parking spaces on campus.
  • Daily Decision parking areas are deeply discounted; prices range from under $1 - $4.50. The perimeter parking areas are near TCAT bus stops. Daily Decision parking gives commuters access to low-cost, short-term options for occasional parking needs. For use through the ParkMobile app, this option gives greater flexibility than a traditional annual or semester permit and the convenience of contactless self-service.

Short-term Parking Options

Many short-term parking options are available for a fee, including the new low-fee Daily Decision parking lots.

Transit Privileges

Cornell University retirees are eligible to use their CU ID cards to ride all TCAT buses, any time they run, anywhere they go; Cornell pays the fare.

Emeritus Privileges

Emeritus faculty who maintain an office on campus may request a Central-tier parking permit. Please consult the Emeritus Faculty Handbook or Contact Us for complete information.


  • Permit ownership is not transferable; it is intended for use only by the person it was issued.
  • Eligibility for certain privileges will be determined by the employee’s status in Workday, the University’s human resource system. Please allow time for status updates.
  • Retirees may be required to show their CU ID card to receive no-fee parking options.