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Cornell University

Parking Options for Cornell Retirees

Cornell retirees can use their CU ID to access unlimited-use TCAT privileges (similar to OmniRide). Retirees who need frequent access to campus can opt for a no-fee R or O annual parking permit. Retirees who return to work on campus have the same permit options as regular employees.

Getting Started:

Short-term Parking Options

Retirees can present their retiree ID card at a parking and information booth and request a no-fee, one-day O or R permit. Retirees with accessible parking needs can present their retiree ID card and a municipal accessible placard or an accessible license plate and request a no-fee, one-day PO permit, or purchase an AP permit ($6/$10). 

Transit Privileges

Cornell University retirees are eligible to use their CU ID cards to ride all TCAT buses, any time they run, any where they go; Cornell pays the fare. Retirees are not eligible for books of one-day permits intended for daily commuters.

Parking Privileges

Retirees who drive to campus on a regular basis may opt for a no-fee annual parking permit:

  • O permit, which allows parking in all O, E, and A areas.
  • R permit, which allows parking in all R, E, and A areas. NOTE: Construction on North Campus has limited the availability of R permit parking.

Retirees who return to work at the University may retain their free permit option. Any other permit would be purchased at the current employee rate. Permit ownership is not transferable; it is intended for use only by the person to whom it was issued.

Emeritus Privileges

Emeritus professors who maintain an office on campus may request a Central-tier parking permit. Please consult the Emeritus Faculty Handbook or Contact Us for complete information.


  • Eligibility for certain privileges will be determined by the employee’s status in Workday, the University’s human resource system. Please allow time for status updates.
  • Retirees may be required to show their CU ID card in order to receive no-fee parking options.