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Cornell University

Motorcycle, Motorscooter, and Mopeds

Motorcycle Operation & Campus Parking

New York State Regulations

Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds may not be operated or parked on sidewalks, lawns, plazas, or other pedestrian areas. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are motor vehicles and are subject to all vehicle and traffic laws, and New York State regulations for motor vehicle operation. Mopeds and motor scooters may not exceed a driving speed of 20 mph.  

All mopeds are limited-use motorcycles and must be registered and licensed with New York State. Class A mopeds must also be inspected. The driver must have a motorcycle license, carry insurance and wear helmet and goggles. Owners of Class B mopeds must carry insurance and wear helmet and goggles. Class C mopeds must be registered with Cornell University as well as New York State. Insurance, helmet, and goggles are not required for Class C mopeds.

Getting Started

Vehicle Space Parking

Motorcyclists who have a parking permit for their car can display their annual permit on a motorcycle and park in spaces covered by that permit (note: except the parking garages).

M Permits

Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds parked in designated M permit spaces must have an annual Cornell University M permit sticker either affixed to the right front fork, facing forward, or displayed in a permit hanger if being transferred among bikes owned by the permit holder.

Please note that M permits are not replaceable, and cannot be returned for a refund. Purchase M Permit. Legacy silver M permits are only valid when affixed to the bike, are not transferable, and will not be replaced under any circumstances.

M Permit Areas

M permit areas are posted with signs and pavement markings (where practical) in the following areas or adjacent to the buildings listed. Please observe signs carefully. Some M areas are not available from December 1 to April 1. Areas are subject to change.

116 Maple Avenue Hughes Hall
120 Maple Avenue Humphreys Service Building
Anna Comstock Hall ILR Lot
Appel Commons Lot Malott Hall
B Lot (Vet College) Morrison Hall
Bailey Hall, west side 395 Pine Tree Road, EHOB
Barton Hall Plant Science, Tower Road
Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) Riley-Robb Hall
Clark Hall, northeast Robert Purcell Community Center
Corson/Mudd, Tower Road Schuyler House
Day/Stimson Hall Sisson Place Extension
Fernow Hall Dwyer Dam Lot (old Oxley), Rt. 366
Friedman Wrestling Center Vet College Poultry Virus
Garden Avenue Ward Lab/TBK
Hasbrouck Apartments Willard Straight Hall
Wilson Lab


  • A motorcycle may park in visitor, metered, and pay-by-cell spaces if a permit or time has been purchased.  
  • Parking permits for other permit areas are not valid in posted motorcycle M permit areas; an M permit must be displayed.