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Cornell University

Parking for Expectant and Nursing Mothers

Maternity Accommodations

Transportation Services provides a discounted parking accommodation to students, staff, and faculty who are in their last 6 weeks of pregnancy and to new mothers who are breastfeeding.

Getting Started

Expectant mothers in their last 6 weeks of pregnancy can purchase a permit for the parking area closest to their place of work or classes.

Nursing mothers may purchase a permit, valid for 12 weeks, to park closer to their place of work or classes. This permit accommodation may be renewed one time for another 12 week period.

  • Permit prices vary depending on parking location.

  • Discounts do not apply to annual permits.
  • Payroll deduction is not an available payment method for short-term permits.
  • Permit holders do not need to relinquish or exchange their current parking permits in order to receive the parking accommodation. If an annual permit is returned, there is no guarantee that it will be available for purchase upon returning to work.
  • Some permit areas are in high demand and may not be available for purchase on a short-term basis.


  • Provide a doctor's note indicating the due date.
  • Provide a written request noting the need for a short-term parking accommodation.