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Cornell University

Department-Owned Vehicle Parking

University Owned Vehicle Parking

Department-owned vehicles must be registered with Transportation Services and display a permit when parked on campus. Permits for department-owned vehicles are sold on an annual basis (November 1 – October 31), and are issued based on availability (see permit privileges); some restrictions apply.

Getting Started

Permit Options

Departments are eligible to purchase the same permit options available to employees, with the same work-in-zone and eligibility requirements (D, L, J, N, P, U, Z). The department vehicle rate for these permit types is commensurate with the annual Perimeter Tier permit rate.

Some permit types require application approval:

  • MT permits are intended for departments engaged in maintenance and trades work (carpenters, painters, network and telephone technicians, etc.).
  • BZ permits are intended for supervisors and managers who need access to multiple areas of the campus to oversee projects and people.

Please Contact Us to obtain the permit most appropriate to your department’s needs.


  • License plates must be registered with Transportation Services, and vehicle information must be kept current.
  • The license plate printed on the permit must match the vehicle on which it is displayed.
  • An application is required for both MT and BZ permits.
  • A department payment form must be submitted at the time of payment. Department account numbers are the only accepted methods of payment.