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Cornell University


Share the Ride!

Employees and students alike can share the ride to work or school. Unlike the RideShare commuter program—which is restricted to eligible employees—any Cornell community member can join a carpool.  

Getting Started:

  • One person purchases and is responsible for the commuter parking permit.
  • Carpoolers can transfer the permit among registered vehicles.
  • Carpool members may also be eligible for a transit pass program, allowing more flexibility for their commute.  
  • Need help finding a carpool partner? Try Finger Lakes Rideshare to find your car mate.


  • Those sharing the ride to campus make their own arrangements for sharing commuting costs.
  • Cornell community members must register any personal vehicle driven or parked on campus.
  • Parking permits should not be displayed on vehicles that are not registered with the university, unless it is a loaner or rental vehicle.
  • Parking permits may be shared among vehicles, but permit ownership is not transferrable.