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Facilities Inventory System Documentation: 2023 and Prior

These instructions apply to the version of the facilities inventory system in use through 2023 and are not applicable for users updating data from February 2024 forwards. Current instructions.

Special Instructions for 2022-2023 Inventory

Documentation Updates

Accessing the Systems

Instructions and Guides

Organizational Administrator Instructions

Definitions and Standards

Space Planning Office Resources

  • Space Planning: The Space Planning Office is responsible for managing space in a systematic, purposeful manner, designed to optimize the use of space resources and to advance the mission and strategic priorities of the University.
    • Space Management Guidance: Additional resources from the Office of Space Planning office to help with questions on Office Space Guidelines and to how to schedule spaces for instruction or events.
    • Classification of Assignable and Non-assignable Space: Assignable space can be used for people or programs. Non-assignable spaces are those areas within a building that are essential to the operation of the building but are not assigned directly to people or programs (such as circulation spaces). This documents describes how to properly classify these space types.
      • Room Type Coding: A presentation on room type coding from observations made by Paulien & Associates in 2012. Guidance on defining rooms by usage.

Technical Issues and Related Information

  • Browser Issues: We recommend the use of Firefox. If you experience problems please use your browser’s instructions for clearing the cache. If problems persist please send a help request to fi-help detailing the problem.
  • Glossary of Errors: A listing of errors that can occur within the Facilities Inventory System.
  • Security Roles: Describes the security roles and how roles drive the display of data.
  • System Roll Over: What happens within the system when it transitions for use within a new fiscal year.