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Facilities Inventory: Space Usage Report for College Finance Officers

These instructions apply to the version of the facilities inventory system in use through June 30, 2023 and are not applicable for users updating data for the period from July 1, 2023 onwards.

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Last updated:  July 28, 2023

Space usage data updated every year in the facilities inventory system is the basis for the proration of departmental bills such as the annual charges for protected self-insurance from the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

When all updates to the facilities inventory data are complete, review the Oracle Analytics Server report described below to look for errors in the assignment of space to departments.  All corrections must be made before the window for updating the data closes on August 15th.

All users who update the facilities inventory system at also have access to the reports on the facilities inventory data house in Oracle Analytics Server. 

Note that there is a lag of one business data after changes are made in the facilities inventory system before the changes appear in Oracle Analytics Server reports.

From the Oracle Analytics Server entrance page at, navigate to the Dashboard for the Facilities Inventory under Dashboards > Inventory - Standard Reports.

Next, select "Standard Reports" from the menu options across the top of the screen.  

Expand the category "User Standard Reports".

Expand the category "College Finance Officers for Budget Review", and click on the blue icon to the left of "Clg Finance Ofc Budget Rpt by C Org" as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Standard Reports > College Finance Officers for Budget Review > Clg Finance Ofc Budget Rpt by C Org.

When the prompts appear for "Coll-Div Org Code", "Facility Code" and "Org Code", select a college Kuali Financial Services (KFS) college or division "Org Code" from the drop-down list as shown in Figure 2 below and click "OK".  Our "Org Admin" contact list contains these four-digit codes for each college and division.

Figure 2. Specify a Coll-Div Org Code using the drop-down list.

After a short delay, a list of facilities associated with each department in the facilities inventory system data and the total number of square feet in the current fiscal year and the previous fiscal year will display.