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Facilities Inventory: Building and Non-Building Subtypes

Last updated: May 9, 2022

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Buildings are structures that contain spaces designed to contain people and/or program materials and have the facility type "Building".

Table 1.  Asset Subtypes for Buildings.

Asset Subtype Subtype Assigned to... Notes
D: Design Development New facilities while in the design phase. This sub-type would roll to another sub-type when construction is complete and University takes ownership
O: Owned and Occupied Buildings for which the majority of the financing is Cornell-related, and people or programs of the University occupy at least some of the space.
E: Leased to Cornell Buildings owned by an outside agency or the Federal Government where space within is leased to Cornell.
H: CU Leased to Others Buildings for which the majority of financing is Cornell-related, but space within is leased in its entirety to one or more non-Cornell occupants. If one or more rooms are occupied by Cornell, the subtype is O.
Z: Outside Housing Small housing units not owned by the university, but that are in some way affiliated, such as through the Greek system.
T: Tracked for Administrative Use Buildings owned and occupied by others (not Cornell-related) These buildings are included in the Facilities Inventory for administrative purposes.  Examples include structures owned by outside agencies that need utility shut down notices.  Example:  Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture & Health, and construction trailers

Table 2.  Asset Subtypes for Non-Buildings.

A: Area A mapped boundary that defines a geographic area set aside for a certain task(s) or activity. In the past these codes were provided for the Grounds Department, which required a link to the job cost system.  If additional codes are required for areas special coordination is required through Facilities Inventory
P: Parking Parking Areas Facility codes with subtype “P” are not redundant with or intended to replace the parking inventory maintained by Transportation.  Facility codes are assigned to parking areas to geographically identify functions or activities relating to that location.
Q: Bridges Vehicle and pedestrian bridges maintained by the university.
R: Road Roads, streets, avenues, drives, etc. Facility codes with subtype “R” are assigned for the same purpose as parking areas - only to geographically identify functions or activities relating to that location.
U: Related to Utility & Fuel Systems Structures required for support of the utilities and fuel systems. Examples include the chilled water or central steam systems, fuel or water tanks.  This subtype is not used for occupiable vaults.