Conference and Event Parking

Program planners and departments who are inviting guests to campus are encouraged to make parking arrangements well in advance. Even if you're expecting only a few people, we can help. As soon as you know when, where, and how many (from 1 guest on up), let us know—we can assist in making the best plans possible. If you have questions about group packages or would like more information about guest and conference parking, please contact us.

Getting Started:

Departments can:

  • instruct day-guests to purchase parking via Parkmobile, using either the pay-by-cell option or offering a printable permit for select locations.
  • purchase one-day parking permits (not intended for functions of over ten guests). Areas and quantities may be limited; a customer service representative will contact you if there is a concern regarding your request.
  • purchase conference permits to be issued to guests via mail or upon arrival to campus. Conference permits are intended for events where ten or more guests are expected.
  • purchase transit passes from TCAT. Call 277-9388 for information.
  • encourage guests to carpool, whenever possible. 

Conference and Event Parking Options

Parkmobile pay-by-cell. Parkmobile mobile payment parking may be a viable short-term parking option for your guests. Contact us with your group size and parking location, and we can help you decide.

Parkmobile Reservations. Guests can access the Parkmobile Reservations event portal to purchase and print a permit prior to their arrival to campus. Please contact us at least ten business days prior to your event if you wish to use this option.

  • CC Lot (North Campus) (no longer available beginning January 2019)
  • Hoy Garage (Central Campus)
  • B Lot (Vet College)
  • TRB Lot (Vet College)
  • Special locations may be available when classes are not in session


Requests for conference permits and/or special parking and transportation arrangements should be made at least ten business days in advance of the event. Arrangements for large events with 100 or more off-campus participants should be made two months in advance.

Rush Fees, Returns, and Refunds

  • A rush fee is added to the cost of each permit for requests placed with less than 3 business days notice.
  • A processing fee will be charged for each unused conference permit returned within ten (10) days of an event. No refunds or replacements issued for incorrectly scratched, unused, expired, or lost one-day permits.
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