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Cornell University

Night/Weekend Parking Restrictions

While some areas are available evenings after 5 PM and weekends to all comers, most central campus parking lots—and all residence hall lots—are restricted to payment and/or proper permit holders. The surest way to avoid parking in violation of the rules (and getting a ticket) is to read the signs for permit and time restrictions before you park.

No-permit/payment Parking 5 pm – 7:30 am and Weekends (abbreviated list; please read signs)

  • Forest Home Parking Garage/Toboggan Lodge
  • Hoy Road Parking Garage/Crescent Lot/Campus Road C/O/SC areas
  • Alumni Field/Wing Drive
  • All Pay Station Meter Lots
  • A Lot
  • B Lot
  • South Ave/Hughes Hall HH/WE areas

Parking Areas Restricted at All Times:

  • All Residence Hall permit areas: FH, ND, SW, WD
  • All loading and time-limited drop off areas
  • Bus stop/pull off areas; life-safety, fire lanes, no parking zones; etc.
  • 722 University Avenue
  • Caldwell Hall
  • Cornell Police Division lot
  • Accessible parking spaces and aisles
  • “MT” permit spaces
  • Reserved spaces
  • Warren Service Drive

Parking Lots with Extended Hours of Restriction:

Monday–Friday, 5 PM–10 PM; Saturday–Sunday, 7:30 AM–10 PM 

  • Bradfield Hall Lot (M-F only)
  • Federal Nutrition Lab Lot
  • ILR Lot
  • Malott Hall Lot
  • Myron Taylor Hall Lot
  • Rockefeller East
  • Sheldon Court Lot 
  • Snee Hall Lot
  • Space Science Lot
  • Sibley Hall Lot
  • Central Avenue Lot
  • Dickson Hall Lot, near Wait Terrace (M-F, 5 p.m.-7p.m.)

Monday–Sunday, 7:30 AM–8 PM

  • Sage South Lot

Monday–Friday 6 AM–6 PM

  • Donlon Circle Lot
  • Mary Ann Wood Drive Lot