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Archiving FAQ

Archiving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Why archive?

Records in the permanent archives represent the legacy of the project, and tell the stories that are found behind walls and floors of a building. The order and completeness reflects directly on the project management.

When do I deliver my documents?

Both large and small jobs have the same archiving requirements. Don't wait! As phases of a project and the corresponding documents are complete they can be archived.

What is a record drawing?

Drawing Type Definitions outlines the types of drawings typical to a construction project. Record drawings are the version collected for the archives.

My job got through design, but was never built because of lack of funding. Does it still go in the archives?

Yes! It is an important record of the University history. Depending on how far your project got into design.

I'm working on a study that may or may not go forward to construction, does that get archived too?

Yes! The designer that comes after you will appreciate the record of your past efforts as they look at new projects.

I need documents out of the archives to begin a new design project, how do I get them?

The Archivist can provide you with electronic files via Cornell Box.

Contact the Facilities Archivist at .